About Provincial Legislature

Welcome to the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature’s website! The Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature (ECPL), situated in Bhisho, is the provincial legislative power.
The Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature is a people's assembly that upholds democracy and transparency and is committed to uplifting the life of the people in the Eastern Cape by effectively administering its constitutional obligations.
The Legislature consists of 63 members. The following political parties are represented in the Sixth Democratic Term:
  • ANC (majority party) 44 seats
  • DA 10 seats
  • EFF 5 seats
  • UDM 2 seats
  • ATM 1 seat
  • VF+ 1 seat
It is important to know how the Legislature works, because it belongs to you; the people of our beautiful province. You need to know how, when and where you can participate and influence the decisions that are taken in the Legislature.
This means that the Legislature must be open and accountable. It means that ordinary people must be able to see and hear what is happening here. It means that you must be able to meet your public representatives and ask them about the work that they are doing to ensure a better life for you.
Tell the MPLs about your problems that you face in your community. This is your right!