Vision & Mission

Mission statement:

A people's assembly for good governance to realise service excellence.


Vision statement:

·      To conduct oversight that will ensure accountability of the provincial government to the people of the province;

·      To pass laws that will ensure that citizens’ rights are upheld;

·      To conduct public outreach and educational programmes that will ensure meaningful participation of the public in government programmes;

·      To foster relations with local and international oversight bodies that will ensure sharing of knowledge and best practices.



·      EXCELLENCE: Discharging our responsibilities with utmost care and offering the highest

·      levels of service to those we serve.

·      INTEGRITY: Pursuing ethical practices by being open, honest, transparent and consistent in our actions.

·      COMMITMENT: Focusing on achieving our goals without let or hindrance.

·      PROFESSIONALISM: Conducting our business with our stakeholders with highest levels of

·      diligence, competence and responsibility.

·      ACCOUNTABILITY: Accepting full responsibility for our actions or inactions and consequences thereof. 

·      LOYALTY: Espousing the principles and ethos enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.