Constituency Offices

Each MPL has a constituency office with an administrator whose job it is to help the public and give them advice on their problems. These offices also serve as a direct link between the public and the Legislature.

MPLs regularly visit these offices to interact with the public and to find out what problems exist around public service that members of the community have not been able to solve themselves. MPLs often hold public meetings in their constituencies, as they have a responsibility to report back to their constituencies and answer questions about the activities of the Legislature. They can also hold public meetings to hear about the grievances or problems that the community is facing on a daily basis.

Details of your nearest constituency office can be obtained from the following political parties:

  • ANC (tel) 040-6080153
  • DA (tel) 040-6080270
  • UDM(tel) 040-6080273
  • EFF (tel) 040-6091511
  • COPE (tel) 040-6080143
  • AIC(tel) 040-6080284


Contact your MPL or any Portfolio Committee if you wish to inform them of your views or alert them to your concerns about the way in which government is doing its work. Make use of your nearest constituency office to contact your MPLs.